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Alan Smith

Senior Technician

A little about


Coming to Qbt Consulting through a targeted acquisition by a Senior Manager of the business 2 years ago, Alan has become a master of Google search tricks and has been known to venture to the fourth page of Google results to find a solution to a customer’s issue – such dedication. Coming from a background of Contracting for one of the country’s premier aged care organisations, Alan’s customer service demeanour is akin to a jolly Grandpa whose grandkids were the first to ever accomplish anything.

In his off-time, you’ll find Alan at the movies, or out socialising with friends drinking a stoic Vodka on the rocks, hold the Vodka.

What I've Been Up To

Recent Projects

Right2Drive’s Customer Experience Upgrade

Alan Smith, Chris Jones, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa

Forest Coach Lines Update

Alan Smith, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa