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Chris Jones

Team Leader - Lava

A little about


Some say he was born on Mars and that he thinks all cows are terrorists… all we know is that this team member hasn’t been immortalised in text form as yet, check back shortly for a bio!


Some say he once typed “google” into the Google search bar and created an infinite loop, but that was in the early days. Since then, we’ve not yet compiled a list of accomplishments, so stay tuned!


Some say that the Apollo missions were to deliver his love letters to the moon… all we know is that when this section is completed, you’ll tremble in the wake of the magnificence that follows.

How do I Talk to This Man?


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    0419 658 776

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What I've Been Up To

Recent Projects

Right2Drive’s Customer Experience Upgrade

Alan Smith, Chris Jones, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa