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Oliver Wangsta


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Not dissimilar to his dream car, the 1992 McLaren F1, Oliver is a passionate, race-bred consultant that, after 15 years in the IT industry has found his home with Qbt Consulting.

Coming from industry heavy hitters such as Accor Plus, FM Global and the R&D arm of Canon; CISRA – Oliver is dedicated to applying his knowledge and experience to clients, ensuring effective, dependable and honest solutions are the norm.

Since being with Qbt Consulting, Oliver has headed up multiple business process enhancing projects that ensure strict adherence in relation to document handling and compliance through working with internal and external stakeholders.

His most recent successes come from working with Sydney based public road transport group, Forest Coach Lines, to bring together multiple data sets (including from Opal ticketing systems), with the aim of creating a bespoke platform for data reporting and forecasting. This is coupled with the modification and enablement of all other systems, allowing straight forward and simple scaling which supports the clients’ recent expansion.

With a skim cappuccino with two sugars in one hand and a hefty 2-wood in the other, Oliver enjoys the finer, more relaxing things in life in his downtime.

What I've Been Up To

Recent Projects

Right2Drive’s Customer Experience Upgrade

Alan Smith, Chris Jones, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa

Forest Coach Lines Update

Alan Smith, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa