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Remote Support

Call Remote Support on 02 8977 5777

Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff

Our Remote Support team is staffed by our Technicians and Consultants on rotation. This means a consistent expert level of knowledge is ready and waiting to help

National Reach

National Reach

Committed to supporting all of our clients, where and when they need it - Qbt Consulting has a network of engineers and technicians with both national and international reach.

BrightGauge Powered Reporting

BrightGauge Powered Reporting

Utilising a powerful reporting tool such as BrightGauge enables us to deliver deep, informative reports that can be used to identify trends and pain points

Support Lifecycle

Our thoughts on how support should be delivered

Step one in supporting your environment is to implement our Remote Monitoring & Management platform, which enables the automation of tasks and recurring events. A secondary benefit of this is more often than not, Qbt Consulting is made aware of potential issues as they happen, enabling us to create solutions and mitigate large-scale outages that otherwise would’ve occurred.

Should you or your staff need assistance, or if they have a Request to log, the Remote Support team is ready and waiting to answer the call and provide any assistance required. Because the team is staffed by our experienced and trained Technicians and Consultants from each Support Team, chances are, when you call, the person who answers was onsite last week!

The Remote Support team have all the tools at their disposal to resolve almost any Incident that occurs. If they cannot, they are able to escalate the Incident through to the correct support group that has the access rights, or physical ability to resolve the matter.

Helping your staff manage and work with technology so they can get on with their job is core to the support services Qbt provides.  While being able to support your business remotely is efficient and quick, there are some things that must be done by hand, onsite. To deliver this and to build a strong relationship between our businesses we structure our support so we can be onsite, with your staff, working through issues with them and providing assistance where needed.

Qbt Consulting can provide varying levels of incident and KPI reporting from the Remote Management, Monitoring and Support systems. The analysis of this data enables us to work with you to identify trends, potential issues or system pain points and work with you to develop solutions or implement changes to mitigate these.

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