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Roy Nisbet

Chief Good Boy

A little about


Roy is in charge of office calmness and good feels. He came to Qbt Consulting fairly young; which allows him to organically absorb the existing Qbt Consulting Culture, whilst also quietly nudging it into the future from his young, passionate stand point.

His interests literally include long walks on the beach, followed by quick sprints after cats, birds and other dogs. As he doesn’t drink coffee, his pleasure of choice is a meaty beef bone and belly scratches.

Where does he see his career in 10 years? Well, if his approval rating increases any higher within the business, a handover may be on the cards!

What I've Been Up To

Recent Projects

20th Anniversary Gift Box

Ivan Nisbet, Shaun Adams

Right2Drive’s Customer Experience Upgrade

Alan Smith, Chris Jones, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa

Forest Coach Lines Update

Alan Smith, Matthew Harbert, Oliver Wangsa

FutureYou Executive Recruitment

Ben Nisbet, Shaun Adams, Simon Gillett