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Shaun Adams

Brand Development Manager

A little about


After working with some of the biggest tech and financial companies in the world as a Systems and Infrastructure Engineer, Shaun made a move to Qbt Consulting to assist in the development and promotion of the uniquely placed Qbt Consulting brand in the Australian MSP market. His primary drive is seated in his training – he’s devoted to finding the best solution for our clients.

Depending on the time you call Shaun, you may be joined by a rogue 5-year-old, Seth, turning it into an impromptu conference call! Shaun’s coffee habits are severe; during a recent check-up, his blood tests showed a symbiotic relationship between caffeine and his spleen’s ability to create blood!

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    0411 071 749

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Ivan Nisbet, Shaun Adams

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Ben Nisbet, Shaun Adams, Simon Gillett