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Double-Down on Email Security to Stop Phishing Today!

Protect Your Business from Malware Now!

Cyber-Crime begins with email and it's running rampant in Australian Businesses with losses estimated in excess of $4.5 billion each year.

Lock-Down Your Biggest Risk

Your Staff are the biggest risk to your Cyber-Security. Modern security systems cannot control human behaviour.

Make Security Common-place

The only way to fully protect your business is to get everyone talking and thinking about email security. It's now everyone's responsibility!


Constantly Updated Training

Old-school security training is not effective against Malware through Phishing. Each day, your staff are exposed to sophisticated and more elusive Phishing attacks.

The Cerberus Program provides up-to-date, constantly fresh content and training. Being able to identify potential email security risks via phishing is more than half the battle.


Tightly Managed and Monitored Progress

We're with you all the way through your email security journey. As your staff train and learn how to detect and avoid malicious content, such as malware, Qbt Consulting will closely manage and monitor their success rate.

This results in successful reductions to your risk profile and higher awareness of potential phishing threats..


Expert Guidance

With over 20 years experience helping businesses improve through technology and process, Qbt Consulting is dedicated to providing expert next steps and optimisation advice.

We've trained ourselves to think like the bad guys so we can be in the best position to protect you against phishing and malware by walking you through your own customise email security journey.


Customer Success

Brian Dooley - CFO of a Not-for-Profit

We were hit with a crypto virus and lost all but 10% of our data. After working with Qbt Consulting and implementing the Cerberus Program, security is now part of our culture!

Jane Howlett - MD of Formatize

Our Risk Profile went from 28% to 2.3% in two months thanks to the Cerberus program! We actually feel safe!

James Wishbourne - Business Owner

The team at Qbt Consulting are so knowledgable and easy to work with. Not something you normally find when dealing with this sort of stuff!

Stop Cyber-Crime In Your Business!

There is no bigger risk to your business and continued operation than Phishing. Traditional measures no longer cut it. Email Security is compromised by relentless attacks that are being targeted at the only element your IT Dept. or Partner can't control automatically - your staff.

The Cerberus program from Qbt Consulting has proven results in reducing your risk profile, eradicating the effectiveness of Phishing and increasing your overall email security.

We'll Reduce Your Risk Profile in 90-days, or we'll work for FREE!

Call us mad, but we believe in the Cerberus product with such passion that if your business's email security Risk Profile isn't reduced in the first 90-days, we'll work for free until it is!

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