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Solve Cyber-Crime In Your Business Today!

Qbt Consulting has crafted an effective, proven solution to stop cyber-crime in your business once and for all!
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    Your Staff is your Biggest Threat: 92% of all cyber-crime starts with a Malware attack. Your staffs lack of knowledge enables that to happen.
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    Training and education: Tips, Tricks & Tools: through our testing and execution, we've found that effective education is the most effective cyber-crime protection.
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    Proven Results: our training and awareness program has proven results of reducing malware infection by over 80% within the first 3-months!
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    Current, Up-to-date Information: Proven Results: training content and education are constantly updated and fresh. This ensures that your staff are able to identify and avoid the latest phishing and malware attacks.



What People Are Saying


Christian O'Grady,

Managing Director, Recruitment Industry

“Within the first three months we saw our Phish-Prone% drop from 27% to 2.1%! Staff were actually communicating and warning each other of the malicious emails they'd found!”

Claire Bolton

CFO, Public Service Industry

“As soon as we started the training program, a culture of awareness and discussion began! People were taking security seriously!

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