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Application Integration

In the information age, the most valuable piece of business intelligence is data. Companies process, collect and report on large volumes of data every day. In the 2007 book, Successful Business Intelligence, Second Edition: Unlock the Value of BI & Big Data, author Cindi Howson reveals that the average business manager is spending two-hours per day hunting for data – half of which turns out later to be useless.

The ability to analyze and act on data is increasingly important to businesses. The pace of change requires companies to be able to react quickly to changing demands from customers and environmental conditions. Although prompt action may be required, decisions are increasingly complex as companies compete in a global marketplace. Managers may need to understand high volumes of data before they can make the necessary decisions. Effective business intelligence (BI) tools assist managers with decision making.

Application Development

How to increase the quality and efficiency of information from mountains of data

The culmination of data isn’t all that Qbt Consulting can do, with our in-house team of developers we’re able to create software solutions for any of your business needs or current pain points. Our speciality is creating integrations between off the shelf software solutions currently making their way through the market.

our area of expertise

Starting with a solid foundation in full stack development, we have extensive experience with scripting and automation as well as completely customised N-Tier applications in both web and windows environments. We fit the solution to you, utilising an array of languages including, but not limited to the below.

  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • XML
  • JSON

Application Integration

Application integration is the sharing of processes and data among different applications in a business. For both small and large organizations alike, it has become a mission-critical priority to connect disparate applications and leverage application collaboration across the group in order to improve overall business efficiency, enhance scalability, and reduce IT costs. Without effective integration, business applications are severely handicapped in their ability to provide value and benefit to your business.


Over the years we have helped countless businesses in their quest for a better technology platform for their business. Check out some of our previous work!

Our primary focus is to make it work. Whatever the pain point, whatever the situation and whatever the software. Our seasoned team of developers are trained and skilled to first look at your individual requirements and desired outcomes before they get to the task. Each solution provided by Qbt Consulting’s development team is truly bespoke to your requirements and goals.

Part of our hiring process is to identify Type-A personalities. When we set out to achieve anything, we expect perfection. We’re driven by quality and your appreciation and delight. If we wouldn’t be happy receiving something, we simply won’t produce it to you – plain and simple. Our goal is to provide an exceptional end user experience at every interaction, software development is no different.