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It’s time to read the writing on the wall. Microsoft is changing the software and hardware world as we know it – again. This generational sweep sees the introduction of cloud collaboration unleashed with Office 365. Bridging the technology gap between consumer, business and not-for-profit for the first time.

Gaining momentum through its monthly evolutions, business leaders are no longer saying “What is the Cloud and why should I care?” But rather “When are we moving to the Cloud?”

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The only way to ensure your business remains current and compliant with an ever-changing industry.

Our most frequently asked question about Office 365 is: “If it’s so easy, can we do it ourselves?” Whilst you are the master of your own destiny, we whole-heartedly recommend you don’t.

While Office 365 is a great collection of the world’s most popular business tools, it was designed as an incomplete solution. There is room for custom integrations and concessions for your unique business requirements. Because of this, there are many traps and pitfalls that need attention to avoid their wicked bite.


Ensuring this wave of cloud collaboration remains secure, Microsoft supplies some of the most complete and deeply integrated security measures available. However, off-the-shelf, they’re fairly inert and weak. They need to be customised to your business requirements, as well as your culture.

Once configured, however, you’ll then have access to some of the most comprehensive security tools and capabilities available. Certainly better security than what would’ve been accessible and affordable for you in the past.


If you’re not ready to commit to a fully Cloud solution, meaning a total removal of physical infrastructure, you’ll be employing a hybrid Office 365 adoption. Simply following the wizard that Microsoft provides you will leave many potential holes in your connection and security.

Migration challenges are also a point of conflict when not done correctly. New users creations can be completed in seconds, or hours depending on how things are configured.

Additional Services

There’s always room for a little more awesome. With the force of Office 365 extending across the internet, the market of products and services that are built specifically to work along-side your platform is exploding almost daily!

Qbt Consulting has the experience and knowledge to deliver an effective and tailored move.

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Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. -Edward Murphy

Inserting a USB stick, dropping a piece of buttered toast and running a red-light. All things that have a 50/50 chance of going wrong – but more often than not, result in a bad day. Physical server hardware, software configurations and storage limits are no different. Remove the possibility of it affecting your business success by employing a world-wide mesh network of protection offered with the Office 365 platform.

It’s rumoured that Microsoft has spent close to $56 billion on their Cloud data centers and infrastructure. Why would you as well? Remove the infrastructure and support costs from your ledger by leaving it up to the boffins at Microsoft to handle!

Traditionally when you purchased a piece of software, you purchased that version. You were able to get access to patches, minor upgrades and support, however, there’s always a limit. There’s a critical point where if you want the newest feature, ability or integration it was time to cough up upgrade costs. Office 365 and Microsoft 365 remove this by consistently delivering updates and improvements as long as your subscription is valid.

So, you started your business with 3 users? Over time you’ve expanded and you’re now looking to hire an additional 15 people – with Office 365, no problem; it’ll take only a few seconds. Need an additional 15TB of storage? No worries, just a moment.