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Managed Server Solutions

Running a highly available, up-to-date, monitored computing environment requires a large amount of time and money. Given the accepted life of hardware and software is now reducing to five years at the longest, staying current and competitive is often a failure point for businesses.

Qbt Consulting Managed Server

Have the best of the best, without the price tag and worries

Beginning the midst of the GFC that rocked businesses, the idea of ‘handing off’ the responsibility of hardware upgrades and maintenance as well as software compliance took off in the form of outsourced technology and Managed Service Providers.

In essence, a managed server is just the same as having the server in your office, however, you don’t own it. You’re not responsible for it. We take the pressure off by taking that responsibility from you.

We’re nerds, we love technology and the latest and greatest. Given the choice between a brand-new Jaguar and a major upgrade to our datacentre – we await the delivery of servers, storage and networking!

There is no easier way to ensure that your business has the best of the best than by using a managed server from Qbt Consulting.

Best Practises Are Built-In

Our datacenter, DCX is built and managed in-house by our crack datacenter team. It’s built from the ground-up with special attention to best practises. Utilising one of our managed servers guarantees that everything behind it was created by a Type-A personality and perfection is imminent.

We’ve created our systems and backends to be agile and the ability to implement the ever-changing data security controls that are implemented by regulatory bodies. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your business is compliant, simply because we are!

Safety net & build wealth

Based on the very basic requirements of a Small to Medium Business server (2 vCPUs, 8GB of RAM, 512GB of disk storage), the estimated monthly cost of a Self-Managed server and a DCX Hosted Server is shown below.

  • Self-Managed
  • Managed Server