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A Solution Designed to Perfection

As a proudly Australian-owned design firm, IA Design is committed to creating environments that transform the way people live, work and play. Not limited to design alone, for the past 20-years they’ve been delivering world-class interior design, architecture, security and risk management solutions to commercial, educational, government, health and hospitality sectors around Australia.

Working within their own network of national studios, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in the interior design and architectural industry. Great design isn’t just about creating an aesthetic, it is about creating an experience. Key to this success lies in understanding our clients’ visions, expectations and needs, before applying our rigorous and creative design process. Technology plays a fundamental role in shaping the way we live, work and play.

Viewing technology as the enabler that it is, their choice of Qbt Consulting as their technology partner was as well thought out and critically decided as any of their 100’s of delivered masterpieces.

Case details

Client name:
IA Design
Sydney, NSW
Private Cloud, Support
Luke Swinkels


Commissioned to rebuild, update and unify all studios nationwide from the legacy Linux based infrastructure as well as implement and maintain constant, secure and reliable communications between offices. Having little to no DR, regular failures and data loss were not uncommon. Due to the slow links between sites, collaboration was almost non-existent – even to the software packages and versions used between them. Workstation performance was also close to untenable with 20-minute time to boot being the normal state of affairs nationwide.


After a comprehensive audit of their requirements, current pitfalls and service availability, onsite microservers with real-time offsite replication were rolled out to each studio. This one move provided the ability for rapid DR when needed. Working with our network of service providers and partners, we were able to update all WAN links while decreasing monthly expenditure. With the upgraded WAN connections, all studios were able to be linked with redundant dynamic VPN, providing real-time, robust, inter-studio communication and data access.


At the completion of a meticulously planned and executed project, there has been no Server outages or lost files since implementation. All sites have seen significant improvements in speed for anyWAN-based servers as well as a significant increase in internal network speed. All studios can now collaborate on projects and access files from anywhere within the private cloud network, depending on configured file level security. Video conferencing is now available and is used more frequently to reduce travel expenses. Specific CAD designed workstations no longer have any speed issues and enable staff to be considerably more efficient.