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Elkiem - Human High Performance Researchers and Educators

High Performance Computing for High Performance Humans

training leaders to create a high performance culture

For the past 20-years, Andrew Meikle and his team at Elkiem, have been pinpointing the key to success and high achievement. This painstaking research encompasses one-on-one interviews with many of the world’s pre-eminent leaders, thinkers, scientists, business identities and sports people as well as Nobel Prize winners, Samurai Masters and military leaders.

Mixing it up with students of Julliard, NASA and the Special Forces alike, it’s only natural that they would approach Qbt Consulting to ensure their technology environment runs at the same level of performance and efficiency as they’ve come to expect.

Case details

Client name:
Elkiem - Human High Performance Researchers and Educators
Simon Gillett


During the initial planning and design stage, there was zero access to the existing infrastructure – a simple migration was out of the question.


An entirely new environment was created within the Qbt Consulting DCX data center to accommodate the businesses workloads and data. Using built-for-purpose hardware, software and systems, we recreated an up-to-date version of their current environment.


During the migration and following cut-over, Elkiem experienced zero downtime. We were able to seamlessly hand over workloads, connectivity and processes from the legacy environment to the newly built ecosystem within the DCX data center. Couple this with lower ongoing costs for the technology and a marked increase in performance, Elkiem is now able to better train tomorrow’s leaders today.