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Making the Future Possible with FutureYou Recruitment

the power to connect without limitation

It’s a simple, straightforward purpose for a company who specialises in connecting the Australian executive market with businesses all over the world in every sector.

Begining as a start-up, FutureYou Executive Recruitment came to Qbt Consulting looking for a scalable technology solution to quickly spin up larger operations around the country within budget and on-time.

Future You FutureYou Executive Recruitment
Future You FutureYou Executive Recruitment

Case details

Client name:
FutureYou Executive Recruitment
MLC Center, Sydney NSW
Q3 2016
Simon Gillett

Spurred on by a world-class pedigree, a dynamite business plan and handle on their sector, the founders of FutureYou Executive Recruitment needed a technology solution that was able to scale at size and speed that the business was set to grow.

  • hybrid environment setup :

    Migrating from the original technology environment that had been created right at the beginning of FutureYou’s conception would be tricky. A relatively locked-down environment means that a lot of the environment must be recreated from the ground up to maintain the integrity and usability.

  • secure technology platform :

    Constantly dealing with the contact and personal information of companies and individuals alike, the solution provided must be secure to ensure the safety of any personal or commercially confident information.

  • national partners and offices :

    Being a hot up and coming Australian recruitment firm, coverage and mobility are of great importance. The ability to install and activate offices anywhere with reliability and consistency is paramount to the solution.

  • mobility :

    As this is an agency style business, a lot of the work is done outside of the office. Building a solution that enables and thrives in mobility is key.

  • Remote desktop services

    To maintain a uniform Standard Operating Environment for all users, regardless of device and location, the decision was made to utilise Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services to host the computing environment from Qbt Consulting’s Private Cloud Hosting, DCX.

  • Enterprise Level Email

    With Email such an integral part of the transfer of information, the decision to utilise Microsoft Exchange Server as the email platform was simple. Using the baked-in ability to secure, connect, back-up and enforce regulations, building and maintaining the platform is made easier with its presence.

  • Autonomous Hardware Deployment and Management

    By using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services, the ability to procure, image, roll-out and manage workstations became almost autonomous. This decision afforded both Qbt Consulting and FutureYou the ability to manage, roll-out and replace devices for users much quicker than a traditional desktop PC model.

With the creation and implementation of the Qbt Consulting technology solution, FutureYou Executive Recruitment is now able to scale their workforce at speed without fear of downtime or large, cost prohibitive hardware costs.

Members of the FutureYou team are able to work on a uniform platform with one-click authorised access across the planet to our own, secure, protected Private Cloud hosting environment, DCX.