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Managed IT Services

Your IT is the backbone of your business and success. We support all aspects of technology that is employed in your business.

Cloud Solutions

The Cloud has without doubt taken over technological movements in recent years, we can build the best Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud solutions for your business

Support and Management

Whatever systems you've implemented in your environment, we have the experience, training and methods to support and monitor it all!

Custom Software Development

Sometimes off the shelf just isn't all the way there, our star, local dev team can fill in the gaps vendors left behind


What keeps you up at night? What worries you when it comes to your business and its success? Cash flow, customer service, quality of product or service, retention? Something that may not come up is the strength and resiliency of your IT. The technology that drives all other aspects of your business. That’s where Qbt Consulting comes into frame. We partner with our clients to take that responsibility and burden off your shoulders so you’re free and clear to worry about what makes your business great.

We believe that half the IT battle is in understanding where you want the business to grow to and applying the right solutions from the start. Not applying band-aid after band-aid solutions – they always end up costing more time and money. Trust is another important aspect in what we do, and how we do it. We want to know your business, understand its quirks and what makes it special. We do this because we feel that technology should complement your business flow – not dictate it.

Windows System Support


Private Cloud Solutions

For Over 10 Years

We’ve been working with the Cloud for 10 years. Starting with our own Private version, then including the Public services in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. We can design, propose and put in place any type of system from basic to multi-state, complex systems.

Microsoft Licensing

Whatever You Need

Making sure you’re compliant with Microsoft’s licensing regulations is a tough challenge. Ensuring you’re paying the best price for those licenses is even harder! As one of five Australian Multi-Tenant Hosting Partners, as well as a Tier-1 CSP, we can deliver the Microsoft licensing solution for you.

Software Solutions

Bridging The Gaps

In the Information Age, data is king. However, data is nothing without the software to compile and transform it into usable information. Our local development team are wizards at connecting the dots between multiple data sources and applications to give you a better view of your Big Data.

Virtual CIO/CTO

The Best Advice

We love being a part of something special. With the Virtual CIO/CTO, you get multiple levels of support and guidance. From your day-to-day support and management, to your specialised Account Manager and then finally your Virtual CIO/CTO. You’re accessing some of the greatest minds and skills in the business to surge yours forward.

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