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Managed IT Services

While a lot of the industry is pushing to move all businesses to the Cloud, in some cases, it just doesn’t make sense. Qbt Consulting’s long heritage of working with our clients to find the best…

The Cloud – although being the Technology buzz-word over the past decade or so – has been around since the 1950’s and is something that Qbt Consulting is very proud to offer our clients when required.

Qbt Consulting’s Private Cloud solution has been in operation since 2001. Throughout the years it has developed, evolved and transformed into a multi-site, redundant datacenter powerhouse for our…

In the information age, the most valuable piece of business intelligence is data. Companies process, collect and report on large volumes of data every day. We are able to create software solutions for…

Running a highly available, up-to-date, monitored computing environment requires a large amount of time and money. Managed Server Solutions remove this roadblock.

Microsoft is changing the software and hardware world as we know it – again. With this generational sweep, we see the introduction and power of cloud collaboration unleashed with Office 365 and…

Aside from your staff, the most important asset of any business is information, data and intellectual property. Securing this and keeping it that way is an ongoing challenge.

Aside from your products, your staff are your companies biggest asset. Technology allows them to connect and serve your customers – their support is paramount to a successful, profitable business.

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Our Advantages

20+ Years Experience

We’ve been delighting clients in the SMB space for more than two decades

Targetted Experience

Our staff come from all ends of the spectrum. From corporate all the way through to Managed Service Providers giving us a well-rounded pool of experience.

Solution Focused

We are focused on creating the right solution for your business

Goal Aligned

When working on solutions, we remain a hardware and software, agnostic provider. We make sure our suggestions are in fact the best, not just the best suited to us.

In-House Experts

We’ve got the expert knowledge within our team for what you need.

The Knowledge You Need

With in-house engineers, developers, technicians and business consultants we have, on hand everything your business needs.

We make IT work, plain and simple. Every client we interact with, we have a relationship with. We strive to provide an exceptional end-user experience to every member of our Qbt Consulting family to ensure your experience with us is second to none.

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